8 Reasons for Professional Septic Tank Installation

One in five American households relies on septic systems over public sewers. Septic systems add tons of value to your property. They also save you money, and, most importantly, are safe to install. 

If you are looking at septic tank installation, you may consider doing it yourself. Septic tank installation is no minor task, though. It isn’t the same as unclogging a drain or fixing a leaky pipe.

You’ll have to get the proper permits, gear, and safety materials to start the process. Once you get in there, things could go wrong, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

That’s why it’s smart to hire a septic installation service. These professionals are the best ones to get the job done right. Not to mention they will cost you less time and money. 

If you are moving to, or live in, a rural area, you probably need a septic tank. Before going DIY, see these eight reasons for hiring a professional.

1. They Are Cost-Effective

Installing a septic tank on your own will cost much more than hiring professionals. For starters, the equipment alone will likely cost you $1000 or more.

That’s not including the cost of the septic tank itself. Septic tank installation cost is around $2000 to $5000. That’s including the tank and other necessary materials.

Even if the septic tank installation cost is a bit higher, it will save you in the future. By making a septic tank installation into a DIY project, you could cause further damages.

These damages would likely pop up in the long run, causing you to spend more money. It would be safer to trust a professional. They will install the tank right and save you future repair expenses. 

2. They Are Time Effective

Someone who knows about septic tanks has been doing their job for a while, which means they will complete the project promptly.

These professionals know how to get in and out quick as possible with minimal hang-ups. If you do the job yourself, you could spend days trying to solve a problem that would be obvious to a professional.

3. They Provide the Right Equipment 

Let’s say you choose to install the tank yourself. You go to the store and purchase what you believe to be the right equipment.

Then, you get home, start the installation process, and find out that your equipment isn’t right for the job. You’d have to go back to the store, return the equipment, and buy something new. 

Hiring an installation service will avoid that situation. A professional comes with specialized trucks and all of the necessary tools. Remember, they’ve done this countless times, so they know what the right materials are for the job. 

4. They Know Health Safety

Septic tank installation involves the handling of waste and other bacteria-filled materials. Installing the tank also means opening up pipes for connection. These pipes are full of hazardous waste that can make you ill or cause serious health problems. 

A professional will have the appropriate gear for protection from these materials. They will also have safety training to guide them through the process as safely as possible. 

5. They Have Permits

A septic tank professional knows how to acquire the appropriate permits. Both Wisconsin, and the country, mandate specific permits for excavation and installation.

Installing a tank on your own requires education on permits. You will also need to know about soil testing certification. An expert could handle these matters for you. 

6. They Have Training

Septic tank professionals have to undergo proper training. Installing a tank is no small feat. There are several matters to consider that an expert can handle much better.

They will know how to:

  • Soil test
  • Excavate without damaging your property 
  • Install the septic tank without issue
  • Cover the excavation site
  • Clean up the mess

A hired professional is well-versed in the craft. So, their knowledge of septic tanks, septic tank issues, and maintenance is extensive. If you have any questions, they will surely be able to provide answers. 

After the installation is over, an expert will provide tips for the future. This information will help to keep your tank up running smoothly. 

7. They Can Provide Soil Testing

In Wisconsin, a proper soil evaluation will be in order before you can start digging. This type of testing takes a high amount of expertise and high-quality tools. The process determines whether your soil is appropriate for an in-ground septic system. 

It can also tell the professional how large of an excavation site they need to create. Afterward, they can determine the best spot on your property to install the tank. 

8. They Ensure Property Value

When selling a house with a septic tank, the buyer will ask about your tank’s condition.

No one wants to deal with a septic tank that will likely experience issues. If you confess to doing the job yourself, the buyer might pause on closing the deal. 

However, it reassures the potential buyer if you had the tank installed by a professional. They will know the property is not damaged and that the tank shouldn’t cause them problems down the line. 

Hire a Septic Tank Installation Service 

Are you moving to or live in Jefferson County, Wisconsin? If so, you might require septic tank installation. Klein Excavating & Septic has your needs for a reputable service covered. 

Our company provides professional septic tank installation services, expert soil testing, and excavation. If you receive a notice that your tank is failing, we also provide the replacement of septic systems.

We know that installing a septic tank is a big decision for your home. You can trust us to safely install your tank and ensure no extra damage occurs to your property.

To get started with Klein Excavating & Septic, look at our services page and get a free estimate with us today!

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